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Revolutionary HeatMeter provides Real-Time
Energy Audit for heated homes
What should be the warming cost for a particular house?
Yshape, Inc. has developed the HeatMeter, the missing technology that gives
homeowners control over their heating usage.
Studies show that feedback greatly improves efficiency measures. Distributed
state of the art sensors and cloud databases provide live heating info.
Whenever and wherever you want it!
Monitor Home Heating Energy Usage.
Save 5-20% on Oil, Propane or Gas.
Measure the Impact of
Efficiency Upgrades
Unique multi-fuel compatibility
The heatMeter is the first energy monitor
compatible with oil, propane and natural
ges heating systems.
Internet connected
monitor from anywhere
Whether you're a homeowner, landlord or
larger institution, you can monitor your
home(s) remotely. Receive text or email
alerts to malfunctions.
No professional installation
Attaches to the side of the
furnace or boiler magnetically.
The HeatMeter detects the
cycling of the burner through
vibration. No wiring required.
Collect important data
for energy auditing
Track BTU/sq.ft. per degree day,
fuel tank level and other metrics
Overview video
Tech demo video
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